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  • TANGERINE HOT POWER YOGA 225 Schermerhorn Street Brooklyn NY 11201 U.S.A. (map)

Discover the Joy of Handstands!

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Improve Your Handstand Technique by learning to:

- Use the hand as a map of the entire body, meaning you can adjust the placement of the entire body by sensing where the weight falls into the hand.

- Use your legs! The sign of a complete handstand beginner is usually that the legs are dull and lifeless or flailing. Learning to use the legs well lightens the load on the upper body allowing for a lighter and more versatile handstand.

- Proper wrist angles for a variety handstands types: people often dive headfirst into handstands and eventually have to back away from them because their wrists give out in one way or another. Develop the range and stability in the wrists with my magic wrist techniques.

- Shoulder/rib cage placement/differentiation/hip placement/ pelvic tilt/foot articulation: all necessary to learn to lift up to handstand with good form. Let's discuss.

- Breath and Bandha: suspend your disbelief! Breath brings Bandhas and Bandhas are real! I am 6'3 and 190+ pounds of pure grass fed beef. If I don't engage with these two things I feel tired and exhausted after a handstand. With them I feel like a young Mary Lou Retton.